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Smartface Developer Center

Welcome to the Smartface Developer Hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start developing and managing native iOS and Android apps with Smartface Cloud.

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Creating a New Project

To login, go to

After login, you will see the dashboard.

Click the "Create Workspaces" button.
Now, you can fill the workspace and project names.

The name should not contain special characters like space, dollar, etc. and should start and end only with digits, latin letters or underscores.

You can clone public and private projects from a repository URL such as Git. It makes it easy to continue development with a previous projects.
Public projects are publicly visible (in read-only mode), but private projects can only be accessed by users with explicit permissions.

Then` create & open the project.

Your project workspace will be created and you can start mobile development instantly.

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Creating a New Project

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