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Smartface Developer Center

Welcome to the Smartface Developer Hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start developing and managing native iOS and Android apps with Smartface Cloud.

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Cloud Build

Cloud Build allows you to generate iOS and Android binaries without the need for a Mac or any other specific hardware or software configuration. Building iOS IPA files and Android APK files is possible without Xcode and Android Studio.

In this module, you can manage your iOS and Android code signing identities. The identities uploaded in the dashboard is directly accessible from the Cloud IDE to be used in the publish process. You can generate local binaries to be used externally or send binaries to Testing Distribution or Remote App Update.

Android apps signed with a single keystore can be used for any purpose.

For iOS, Ad Hoc or Enterprise certificates are required for distribution with Testing Distribution or for other use cases out of the App Store distribution. For store submission, an App Store certificate is required and the local binary must be uploaded to the App Store separately.