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Welcome to the Smartface Developer Hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start developing and managing native iOS and Android apps with Smartface Cloud.

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Release Notes, 6.12.3-beta.2

Posted by Smartface Inc. 9 days ago

Detection has been possible by several techniques for Android and iOS. - Root Detection: The root is a modification of the system that allows the user to execute commands with root privileges. Th...

Release Notes, 6.12.2

Posted by Smartface Inc. 26 days ago

This release includes minor fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes, 6.12.1

Posted by Smartface Inc. about a month ago

This release is a framework update release related with the changes in the Android ecosystem.

Release Notes, 6.12.0

Posted by Smartface Inc. 2 months ago

Starting with this version Smartface supports Swift 4.2 & Xcode 10.2. Swift 4.2 is a major release and shipped with Xcode 10. Swift 4.2 is the second minor release of Swift 4, and brings with it anoth...

Release Notes, 6.11.4

Posted by Smartface Inc. 2 months ago

This release provides minor framework improvements.

Release Notes, 6.11.3

Posted by Smartface Inc. 3 months ago

This page highlights a changelog regarding migration from GCM to FCM and describes updates to the latest Smartface version.

Release Notes, 6.11.2

Posted by Smartface Inc. 5 months ago

This release provides improvements and new features for more flexibility in the user interface development as well as optimizations and new features regarding battery consumption.

Release Notes, 6.11.1

Posted by Smartface Inc. 7 months ago

This release provides additional improvements and fixes along with features that will increase development productivity.

Release Notes, 6.11.0

Posted by Smartface Inc. 8 months ago

This release is a major release with a number of new features in the platform for faster and more productive development.

Release Notes, 6.10.1

Posted by Smartface Inc. 9 months ago

This release focuses on minor feature additions and improvements in the framework along with the first open beta release of the Smartface Cloud Marketplace.